Advanced SEO Course in Gorakhpur

WebVatika provides an Advanced SEO Course in Gorakhpur. In this course you will learn the complete search engine optimization in a most practical way and you are just a step away from mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


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SEO Training Course in Gorakhpur

If you are a blogger or a website owner, you better know how important is SEO for your online business. Since we are also a team of digital marketers and bloggers, we have started this Advanced SEO Course in Gorakhpur. In this course, you will learn basic to advanced SEO in a practical way.

Our SEO Course in Gorakhpur is designed by an expert having 10+ years of experience in SEO, the course is covered in 15+ modules where you will learn the complete SEO from basic to advanced levels. This is a live course where we will teach you about complete SEO practically.


We are a full-fledged website designing and digital marketing agency and we also own multiple blogs and websites, in our SEO Course in Gorakhpur, you’ll learn the exact same SEO strategies that we implement to rank our own and client’s websites/blogs.

Our SEO course in Gorakhpur is covered in 15+ modules, you will get to learn all important things about search engine optimization.

The course is designed, keeping beginners as well as intermediate users in mind and it covers basic to advanced level SEO strategies.

The course is less theoretical and more practical. In this course, you will learn the complete SEO in a practical way with live projects/websites.

As most of the websites and blogs are built using WordPress, our SEO Training Course also covers Advanced WordPress SEO Strategies.

Content plays an important role in any online business, in this course, you will also learn how to write SEO-Friendly content for your website/blog.

You will also learn the do’s and dont’s in SEO (very important), also you will get a lifetime of community support once the course is completed.


Here are the standard modules covered in our advanced SEO training course in Gorakhpur, you will learn a lot when you join our course. As we also provide website designing and digital marketing services, you will get a chance to work on live projects.

  • An Introduction About The Course and Instructor
  • What are search engines?
  • How does search engine works?
  • What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • Benefits of SEO
  • What is competitor research?
  • Identifying your competitors
  • Competitors Research
  • What are keywords in SEO?
  • What is keyword research?
  • Why keyword research is important?
  • How to do keyword research?
  • Brainstorm Potential Keywords
  • Use Google Suggestions In Your Keyword Research
  • Some Keyword Research Tools
  • What are LSI Keywords?
  • What are Long Tail Keywords?
  • Why use Long Tail Keywords
  • What is On-Page SEO?
  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Page Title
  • SEO Title
  • Meta Description
  • Quality/Unique Content
  • Content-Length (Word Count)
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword In First Paragraph
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords
  • Add LSI Keywords
  • Heading Tags (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6)
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Table of Contents
  • Installing The Best SEO Plugin
  • SEO Plugin Settings
  • Writing SEO-Friendly Posts or Articles
  • What is Off-Page SEO?
  • Backlinks
  • Types of Backlinks
  • How to get backlinks?
  • Other Off-Page SEO Factors
  • What is Schema or Rich Snippet?
  • Benefits of Rich Snippet or Schema
  • How to add Schema or Rich Snippet?
  • What is Technical SEO?
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Friendly)
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Breadcrumb
  • Duplicate Content (rel=”canonical”)
  • Website Speed
  • Best WordPress Themes
  • What is Local SEO?
  • Setting For Local SEO
  • Google My Business
  • Local Directories
  • Important Local SEO Factors
  • What is E-Commerce SEO?
  • Products Category SEO
  • Products SEO
  • What is YouTube SEO?
  • How to do SEO for YouTube Videos?
  • An Introduction to Google Search Console
  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Adding Website To Google Search Console
  • Submitting Sitemap
  • Submitting URLs manually for Indexing
  • An Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Adding Google Analytics Code To Your Website
  • Quickly Using The Google Analytics
  • What are Google Algorithms?
  • Why do you need to follow Google Algorithms?
  • Some popular Google Algorithms

Most new users do this mistake that they either don’t optimize their website properly or over-optimize it, both are harmful to your website or blog, and you will get a checklist that you can follow when optimizing your website or blog.

  • DO’s and Don’t in SEO

Manually doing SEO for your website or blog is not only difficult but also takes lots of time. SEO tools make your life easier when optimizing your website or blog for SEO. Most of these tools are free or have a free version. You will get a list of all important SEO tools that you can use.

  • What are SEO Tools?
  • Some Important SEO Tools


In our advanced SEO course in Gorakhpur, you will get a basic understanding and hands-on experience with some of the popular SEO tools. Here are some of the tools that you will be working on when you join our advanced SEO training in Gorakhpur.


SEO helps improve your website’s or blog’s ranking in organic search results. If you want to know more about our advanced SEO course in Gorakhpur. Feel free to contact us to speak with your counselor, we are just a call away and ready to help you.